Vapour Blasting

Vapour blasting is a finishing process used to clean and restore non ferrous metals. The process is somewhat similar to conventional dry blasting in which an abrasive media is projected at high pressure towards the component. This often damages the surface and can change vital tolerances on engine components. Vapour blasting however introduces water into the process which cushions and lubricates the media on impact, causing no damage and leaving a far superior satin finish.

Vapour blasting alone is often far to passive to remove all types of paint and corrosion and therefore either chemical or mechanical means must first be employed to better prepare the surface prior to vapour blasting. 

Vapour Blasting Price Guide
Dependant on the size and surface area of the component will depend on the overall cost. Sadly no two parts arrive in the same conditon and as such we price each job accordingly.

We charge a flat rate of £60 per hour for Vapour blasting, If you wish to have an exact quote in advance then please get in touch and we can discuss accordingly.

Please see below for a list of common  items that are charged at a flat rate.

Bearings, exessive oil and dirt, corrosion and paint removal will also increase the cost.

Flat Rate Pricing
Top Yokes - £30 each
Carburettors - £30 each (Motorcycle)
Carburettors - £35 each (SU TYPE)
Carburettors - £45 each (Webber's)
Fork bottoms - £45 pair
Brake callipers - £25 each