Rai Parts - Belt Optimizer

Originally all HD Motorcycles between the years of 1959 to 1999 (Less ‘81/’82 belt driven Sturgis FXB models) were fitted with a chain driven primary drive system, which incorporated a compensation sprocket.  The compensation sprocket was designed to eliminate the transmission shocks and vibrations between the crankshaft and the remainder of the drive train.

 However, many owners have since opted to switch to a belt driven primary. By doing this the compensation sprocket was removed from the equation, resulting in transmission shocks and vibrations being delivered to the remainder of the drive train and ultimately to the rider.  This no doubt adds more stress to key components such as the gearbox and crankshaft bearings. Not forgetting to mention the riders back, arms, wrists and neck.

 Until now no solution has come to fruition…

Over the past 2 years Rai Parts has worked to rectify this problem, designing, perfecting and manufacturing the Belt Optimizer.

 The Belt Optimizer is a specifically designed device, which replaces the primary pulley. Its sole function is to give you back the smoothness of the original compensation sprocket, whilst still maintaining the looks and benefits of a belt driven system.  It works much the same as a conventional cushion drive system, which is incorporated into the rear wheel on most modern day motorcycles.

 Key features:

 ·     Gives back that original smoothness.

·      Reduces wear & tear.

·      Offers a more stable and balanced ride at slower speeds.

·      Reduces transmission shocks & vibrations.

·      Quick and easy to fit.

Currently Availible is the 1.5" model in either 39 or 41 tooth which retail at £618 + P&P

Pictured (Right) is the 3"47tooth model which retails at £696 + P&P